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Jun 3, 2014 ... According to Interpol, Japanese “entrepreneurs” at home and abroad ... Within the junior idol niche, the most popular among hardcore fans are “U15” idols. ..... IS celebrated the assaults by posting online photos of headless ...
Japan's Kiddie Porn Empire: Bye-Bye? - The Daily Beast
Feb 9, 2011 ... Japanese publishers and fans are objecting to newly tightened ... Akari Iinuma, a 13-year-old “junior idol,” has gained a fan base with her DVDs ...
In Tokyo, a Crackdown on Sexual Images of Minors - NYTimes.com
In November 2008, the subgroup returned with a debut in the Japanese music industry .... a b "Super Junior-T "competing with trot, wants to change idol image"" .
Super Junior-T - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Idols are intended to be role models everyone adores. They must have a perfect public image and be good examples to young people. Idols aim to play a wide ...
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